Saturday, January 28, 2017

Malifaux McMourning (Dufresne) crew

It's been a while since I have posted. I've been doing a lot of painting but haven't been writing blog posts. Read on for some pictures of my Guild McMourning crew for Malifaux.

I played at the Wet Coast GT tournament in Vancouver in July and won a Dr. Dufresne in a mystery box. That kind of spawned this little Guild crew that is rapidly growing to include most of the faction...

I painted the guild start models and Dr. Dufresne for the squad painting contest at Attack-X. I then painted up the remaining models to make it a viable crew. I've played two tournaments with them so far and have really enjoyed the brutality of McMourning.

 Dr. Grimwell, the psychotic assistant.

 Dr. Dufresne. A bit of a soft sculpt bit still fun to paint.

Guild orderlies.

Executioner. The most fun to paint.

Francisco conversion from Alternative Francisco and Rafkin.

I've painted a few more to add to this crew. Check back soon and I'll upload a few of them.

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