Project gallery

In this gallery I will include pictures and links to some of my favourite finished models. Click on the titles to go to the blog post with more pictures.

Panzer 38t diorama
June, 2015

March, 2015

Factory Jagdtiger
February, 2015

Nebelwerfer Platoon
January, 2015

Panzer IV Tank Commanders
September, 2014

Desperate King Tiger
April, 2014

Kampfgruppe Peiper
February, 2014

Universal Carriers
December, 2013

Command Shermans
November, 2013

Winter T-34 platoon
October, 2013

British ML4.2" Heavy Mortar Platoon
September, 2013

Bedford QLT 3-ton lorries
September, 2013

101st. Airborne Division US paratroopers
August, 2013

Stuart Jalopies
April, 2013

Tzeentch Chaos Cultist Sorcerer
April, 2013

M10c Achilles
February, 2013

Shipping containers
December, 2012

Hordes Madrak Ironhide Worldender
December, 2012

Death Guard Rhinos
November, 2012

Imperial Fist Terminator
October, 2012

Pirate Orks
Commission October, 2012

Comrade Boris, Demolition Expert
DS Prisoner Exchange, May 2012

DS Prisoner Exchange, May 2012
January 2012

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