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I've tried to add some little tutorials into this blog as I have been going along. I am definitely not an expert, but I hope that sharing these ideas can help others in the hobby. I have learned lots and gotten inspiration from the tutorial and ideas of others and I hope that these tutorials can do the same. If you use some of the tips in these tutorials send me some pictures or a link. I would love to see what you have done.

Dunkelgelb Colour Modulation
Airbrushing Imperial Fist yellow power armour
Airbrushing graffiti
Black windows and lights

WW2 Camouflage
Winter White Wash
Painting "Mickey Mouse" British camouflage
3 colour disruptive camouflage with silly putty
Airbrushing German Me262 camouflage
"Corn Chip" German WW2 Camouflage
Ambush German WW2 Camouflage
Building a servitor
Turretless British Stuarts (Flames of War)

Sculpting tools
Sculpting Death Guard belly armour
Sculpting with Chapstick and Gale Force 9 Greenstuff

How I base my British infantry for Flames of War
Brick bases with press molds
Custom industrial bases with plasticard

Painting chipped metal and rust on terrain
Building a modular canal system
Building urban barricades
Building shipping containers
Folding game board

Budget Miniature Photography: Set up
Budget Miniature Photography: Lighting

GBX76 Plastic Panzergrenadier Platoon
1/72 First to Fight TKS Tankette
Dragon Forge Pewter Power Cables
KR Multicase Kaiser 1

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